Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Four Days

The school year has begun. This year my preps go as follows: Algebra 1, Title 1, Algebra 1, Title 1, Plan, Algebra 1, Title 1. Right now I only have students in my three Algebra 1 classes, because the Title 1 classes are supplemental remediation classes that won't be filled until we finish testing all of the students and determine which ones need supplemental remediation. My three Algebra 1 classes have gone pretty well. I only have one class that is, "behaviorally challenged," I guess you could say. However, today went much better. I have high hopes for these kids this year. I believe they can do great things if they put their mind to it, and I hope I can be the inspiration they need and deserve.

It was such a blessing the first two days to have a total of about 10 - 15 of my old students come find me to give me hugs and see how the summer went. That always makes you feel good when you know you've made a difference somehow. I do miss my old students, I think about them often throughout the day, and hope that they are doing well in their new classes. I pray this year will go just as good as the last. :)

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  1. Glad to hear things are going better in that one class.